Friday, December 10, 2010

wish: day 4

I'm going to need something to get myself to run in the cold Virginia winter!

Still on my list...

Eco Jute and PER Yoga Mat
I've been needing a new mat since my sister's dog attacked my old one, and I love that this Jute Mat is all natural!

Foam Roller
I get a little territorial about the foam roller at the gym, so it might be healthy for me to have one at home, too. It's like a mini back massage I can give myself after a long day!

To help my down dog, crow pose, and all the other asanas that rely on my spaghetti-wrists!

I would love a gift card for private Pilates lessons at my gym!

What helps you fight the "battle of the bulge"?


Sunshinemeg said...

All of the above. I've also been on a huge treadmill kick. It helps clear my head and always feels like I've done some good when I finish. The foam roller thing looks like it could do some good. I've never used one.

pve design said...

jump rope