Friday, December 17, 2010


With little over a week to go until Christmas, he giving has already begun in our family! Between T's mother and father, and my parents (who all live in different cities), we can't be everywhere at once on Christmas day. So, our gift giving gets spread out over all of December!

Our first gift of the season:

Isn't it beautiful? Travis' step-father made it to our exact measurements. I love it! We're going to use it in our kitchen for cookbooks and pretty kitchen things. The shelves are adjustable to accommodate Veganomicon and I Know How to Cook!

This isn't the first bookshelf my future SFIL has made for us. He made this for T for our college graduation:

(excuse the top shelf mess...T just sold all his law books from this semester, and we haven't "refilled" yet!)

This is my favorite part:

It's a tiny piece of marble from our college library steps that future SFIL found while they were renovating our junior year. He picked it up and saved it for two years for this very special project!

I love handmade gifts. What's your favorite handmade gift you've received?

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ADG said...

The bookshelves are great. I'm in dire need of more. Happy Holidays to you and yours.