Sunday, February 13, 2011

taste: YoS

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As you can see, I did a little overtime at work this week (thus all the black Styrofoam bowls!). That sort of limits my veggie selection to what they have on the cafeteria salad bowl, but inspired by Jenny's random thoughts on salad, I've been bringing in my own salad dressing to replace the high fructose corn syrup stuff they have at work. It certainly added a little variety into my week!

On days I wasn't working, I fought the cold my assembling a salad...and then sauteing it and tossing it with some brown rice. Add a little curry sauce...yum!

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jenny said...

Your work salad bar does look awesome! That is great you were inspired by the dressings :) if you find any really good ones let me know! Great job!