Sunday, January 9, 2011

taste: YoS

Before I get started with the Santa Fe recaps, I wanted to let you know about a little something I've been up to. It's not quite a new year's resolution, but I did happen to start it on January 1st. Inspired by the lovely Jenny (seen below with her little koala baby), I've joined the Year of Salad Challenge. This is how it works:
  • Eat a leafy green salad every day.
  • Take a picture of it.
  • Accomplish an awesome, healthy, life-changing goal!

There's a little group of us trying it, posting pictures on flickr of our salad successes. I'm usually terrible at these kinds of things, but this one is particularly yummy! If you want to find out more, check out Jenny's blog, Year of Salad.

Exhibit 1: Jenny & her koala baby

Exhibit 2: My salads so far

Check out the flickr pool, too!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you for the nice compliment!

You did such a good job! They look so yummy! The broccoli looks so good. I bought some last week and didn't even put it on my salads! Oh well! Maybe this week!

It is fun to see all your salads right next to each other! the top right (with the cherry tomatoes) looks particularly yummy! I am so happy you are doing the challenge!