Tuesday, February 1, 2011

wear: From War to Peace

Above: my new "peace bronze" necklace from From War to Peace. From War to Peace is an awesome company that recycles disarmed nuclear missile systems into beautiful jewelry which proclaims their message of peace (in many different shapes and styles). From the website:

We recycle copper from disarmed nuclear missile systems to create Peace Bronze, the most precious metal in our world. We use it to make glorious art and jewelry for those who share our commitment to a world without war.

From War to Peace is a green company. We recycle everything, making the old newly useful. Our silver- and gold-plated pieces are created entirely from recycled metals. Our printed paper is all recycled. All plastics we use are biodegradable. Our Peace Bronze itself is recycled from missile system cabling. Even the server hosting our website uses solar technology to power its computers.

From War to Peace is a uniquely American company. The copper we use was originally mined in Montana, then used in the Midwest as wiring in nuclear missile systems before being disarmed. After recovering the copper, the Peace Bronze is made for us at a California foundry. We use casting foundries in New Mexico & CA for our casting. Local artisans turn it into jewelry and art objects here in the U.S.A.

From War to Peace is a giving company. We donate 20 percent of all FWTP profit to deserving peace and social justice organizations in the U.S.A. and around the world.
My sister and I exchanged peace bronze necklaces for Christmas this year, and I wear mine to work every day. I love supporting such an innovative and socially conscious company (plus the craftsmanship is truly superb). How often does what we wear align with or support our values?

P.S. I first found out about From War to Peace from Katie Armour last November!

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Eva said...

what a cool company! so neat, thanks for sharing