Monday, January 17, 2011

taste: Santa Fe

To warm up, let's start with one of our favorite Santa Fe haunts:

Whole Foods.

There are actually two Whole Foods Markets in Santa Fe, and our hotel was located within short walking distance of the one of them (this was no accident!). Whole Foods does a great job of stocking local items in its Santa Fe stores, and there were many favorites we were eager to try (or retry after too too long!).

First of all, the "Super Food Salad" (or something like that). Ah-mazing. I haven't seen this anywhere else, and it was delicious. I bought pounds of this during our week long vacation. It has kale and blueberries and acai dressing and all kinds of delicious foods (that are, as a bonus, good for you. See: Superfoods). Did I mention it was delicious?

Gruet. Award winning sparkling wines from New Mexico (closer to ABQ, to be exact). What with New Years and all, Gruet was on sale at Whole Foods, so we made our way through the different colors varieties. We're trying to source locally for our wedding, so this was obviously a high priority for us. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

HUMMUS. We love hummus. Doesn't everyone? Purple Onion, Blue Moose... forget Tribe and that other grocery store stuff. Nothing you can get in Virginia even comes close (I dare you).

El Milagro tortilla chips. Simply the best tortilla chips you can buy in a grocery store. Again, I dare you to find a tastier alternative.

And, of course, a little San P. Not a Santa Fe specialty by any means, but a necessity given the climate. Our hotel room bottled water was gone by 9am, so we frequently found our selves stocking up on this fizzy stuff.

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