Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Even though I missed my grandmother, parents, and sister very much this Christmas, I am so thankful for T's wonderful family, which welcomed me with open arms last weekend. We hosted 36 people for Christmas dinner and T's mom's house in Norfolk, VA, which meant we spent Christmas morning transforming her living room (above) into a dining hall for four generations of family (after opening all those presents, of course!). I felt a little guilty that T and I didn't stick around to clean up, but we had to drive back to Williamsburg (through 10 inches of snow, in the dark!) so that I could be at work at 6:45 the next morning for the first of three shifts in a row.

With all of that behind us, T and I are now at my parents house gearing up for a week long vacation in not-so-sunny Santa Fe (they're expecting even more snow down there!). The trip is part work (I'll explain later), and part play, so coordinating the right wardrobe (that will fit into an American Airlines-sanctioned bag) is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Any tips would be much appreciated!

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