Sunday, November 28, 2010

make: Shutterfly!

I am so impressed by Shutterfly's Holiday Cards this year, and I am so excited to be included in spreading the news!

I have been sending out my own Christmas Cards since I was 15, and I have tried every approach in the book. I've done handmade, computer print out, photo cards, you name it. Inevitably, I put hours of work into something (either by hand on online), and it still doesn't turn out quite as I was imagining it.

I think this is why I'm so impressed with Shutterfly's collection this year; the cards are beautifully designed, and, from my past experience with Shutterfly, I already know they will be well executed. I'm particularly excited about the designs printed on stationery cards; I just love the weight and feel of those cards, something you miss out on with with the cards printed at home or on photo paper (although, the photo cards on Shutterfly are pretty great, too).

Every year my sister makes a calendar for each member of my family, using new and old family photos. This year, I plan to make one for her, and I'm can't wait to get started playing around with the designs on Shutterfly! Plus, if I can get my act together before midnight tonight, I plan to use the coupon code MYCALENDAR, to get it for free!

*Shutterfly is offering free cards to bloggers this year. Find out more here!

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